In honor of all celestial beings ZODIACK is a themed gathering series full of music, dancing, and libations, celebrating the birth of all creatures. From May 2015-April 2016 a party was thrown each month attributed to the current sign, delivering an atmospheric experience encompassing its astrological essence. September 2016 - 2017 we will start a new series of quarterly parties; expect experimental performances, celestial visuals, uninhibited hosts, and an array of DJs as we explore a world of hidden talent and gems in NYC’s underground creative realm.

Roles and Responsibilities:
- VJ, crafting video collages live to the music
- Produce, direct, and edit original video content, for promotional use and VJ sets
- Produce projection and screen set ups at a diverse range of venues

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Preview of 'Virgo UNVEILED'- a series of video vignettes inspired by the esoteric myths behind Virgo. MUSIC: CELESTIAL TRAX


ZODIACK Reel of events in 2015


The lights, sounds, and moments from the ZODIACK Aquarius party with Geng, Celestial Trax, Rozay, False Witness, Kazuki Koga, & Lemon Verbena.