An undulating "V38" was projection mapped to three windows from the inside of the DUMBO office for the duration of the version, providing ominous messages to passersby on the Manhattan Bridge

space150 - Version 38

space150 is a digital advertising agency that changes its logo and brand identity every 150 days (hence the name). The version 38 branding identity represents the agency of the future.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Art direction

Creative Direction

Pablo Velez


Austin Borkoski


Corey Janssen, Tia Hanke-Hills

Creative Coding

Jared Foster


Logo marks


Logo Experiments



To adapt is to thrive

They say the future is always one step away. Unimaginably far and yet immediately close. Experimentation dissolves the divide between the present and the unrevealed. Reflections of the past melt into projections of the unknown and everything is possible.

Don’t fear oblivion; the bold are never obsolete. The future is already yours, churning inside your mind. Creation is your lifeblood, innovation pulses through your veins. Metamorphosis is your second nature.

With technology in hand, you can usher in an era of innovation like never before, harnessing the unprecedented like a lasso around the moon. The future is a paradox and so are you.


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