Google Dynamic Study

Google's Double Click marketing team contacted Fancy Pants Group to serve as their exclusive creative partner on an unprecedented study for dynamic online advertising. The goal of the study was to discover if dynamic creative advertising is more effective than standard online banner ads by testing old vs. new for a diverse set of brands.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Served as the primary creative in all meetings and brainstorms with Google's senior staff, GILT, Vichy, developers and production
  • Provided wireframes for each unit, outlining static and dynamic areas
  • Worked closely with developers during the design process to outline unit limitations and functionality
  • Worked closely with developers, clients and producers to create, edit and update complex data matrices
  • Provided in-depth communications to overseas teams in order to properly and smoothly develop the final units

Read the final study
Read an infographic about our findings


L'oréal VICHY

  • Promote Vichy sunscreen products during summer
  • L'oréal already had a well-defined plan for audience segmentation
  • Creative delivered customized messages and images based on whether or not women had children, and what the weather was like in their location (hot vs. moderate weather)
  • CTAs were tested — serving users a rotating list of local stores, or allowing them to interact to find a store nearby
Final designs

Final designs


  • Segmented audiences to align with the product categories on the Gilt site (men, women, children and home)
  • UX and visual design creating custom units for each category, based on high-activity keywords like “dresses,” “bedding” and “shoes”
  • Targeted people with ads based on insights drawn from Gilt audience lists, to ensure they were receiving the most relevant imagery and messaging possible